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Frank D’Oro Receives Outstanding Value Award at Kroger Conference

Frank D'Oro Kroger Award (I0724949xC2BA8)

Last month, Frank D’Oro attended the Kroger Investor Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the conference, he received the Outstanding Value Award for his dedication and commitment to the Kroger community for many years. It is an honor to receive such an award from one of our long-standing clients. Congratulations Frank!

Ron Zurek Awarded Top Defense Case by Daily Journal


Wesierski & Zurek partner Ron Zurek recently had a trial that was featured as the Daily Journal Top Defense Case of the week on November 3, 2017. It was a trial for personal injury damages that arose out of a car accident that occurred when Ron’s defendant, intending to turn into the driveway of his home on the right side of the street, veered considerably to the left on the roadway before turning back to the right and into the driveway. The plaintiff who sued him was driving behind him. When the car veered far left, toward an intersecting street, plaintiff thought it was a left turn so he proceeded forward and past the defendant car. A collision ensued when defendant car came back to the right.

Plaintiff hurt his back in the accident. His doctor recommended a microdiscectomy operation and he had it. As a result of that operation, one of the vertebrae in plaintiffs back cracked and fractured, rendering the back unstable. The instability condition is very serious and every doctor in the case said that the plaintiff is now in need of another major operation, a fusion to several levels of the spine. Medical costs were well into the six figure range. Plaintiff is now significantly disabled. At trial, the defense position was that the defendant driver was just not negligent despite turning right from the left side of the street. As to injuries, the contention was that the first microdiscectomy was unnecessary and unreasonable, thus all of the consequential injury was not fairly attributable to accident caused injuries.

Plaintiff had previously offered to settle for $250,000, which was all of the insurance coverage available to the defendant. A settlement offer of $75,000 was made before trial. The jury ultimately decided in favor of the defendant, finding that he was responsible for zero because he was not negligent. Congrats to Ron and his client!



Wesierski & Zurek LLP is pleased to commemorate 30 successful years of business. The firm has
handled thousands of cases with outstanding results and is very proud of all the hard work that has gone into helping all the companies and individuals over the years.

Wesierski & Zurek LLP has won numerous awards and honors through the years from various
organizations including many verdicts selected as verdict of the week or year. Multiple attorneys have been selected as trial lawyers of the year by a variety of organizations as well. Wesierski & Zurek LLP is honored that so many companies large and small as well as individuals have entrusted our firm to protect their rights.

The firm has handled multiple appeals, arbitrations, hearings and trials in the past thirty years and is pleased to still offer services in cases involving employment, products liability, premises liability, bad faith, intellectual property, food problems, business litigation, real estate issues, legal malpractice, appraiser malpractice, real estate malpractice, hospitality, transportation, governmental issues, and expert work.

Wesierski & Zurek LLP thanks all those who have made these past thirty years go by so quickly.
We look forward to many more successes and results in the years to come.

Wesierski & Zurek LLP is also pleased that effective November 1, 2017 the firm will be moving its Los Angeles office to:

100  E. Corson Street, Suite 300
Pasadena, CA 91103
L.A. phone and fax numbers will remain the same:
(213) 627-2300 (Phone)
(213) 629-2725 (Fax)

Our Irvine office and phone numbers will remain the same:

One Corporate Park, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 975-1000 (Phone)
(949) 756-0517 (Fax)

Pumpkin Decorating at W&Z

Some of the staff at Wesierski & Zurek enjoyed decorating pumpkins this week with succulents.

Three Defense Verdicts in Three Weeks!

Wesierski and Zurek is very proud to have obtained three defense verdicts in three different cases over a recent three week period of time.

We continue to bring our best efforts for all our clients at all times.

These cases were tried in three different courts in LA and Orange County and all three featured demands that were quite high.

Tom Wianecki selected as 2017 Trial Lawyer of the Year by Orange County ABOTA

Wesierski and Zurek LLP is pleased to announce that Tom Wianecki has been selected as the 2017 Trial Lawyer of the Year by Orange County ABOTA.  ABOTA is an organization composed of those attorneys from both the plaintiff and defense side that have been selected as members after they have tried at least ten trials to verdict and after a significant vetting.

Chris Wesierski was accorded the same honor in 2015.  It is very unusual to have one firm with two members who have won that award and the firm is very proud of that fact.

Wesierski and Zurek LLP has recently won three cases each with a defense verdict in the last three weeks.

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Thomas Wianecki And Michelle Prescott Of Wesierski & Zurek LLP Obtain A Defense Verdict For Two Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Accused Of Excess Force And Violating An Inmate’s Civil Rights

On August 23, 2014, an inmate at the Theo Lacy Facility was involved in a physical melee with two Orange County Deputy Sheriffs. The inmate alleged that his right ear was partially severed as result of excessive and unreasonable force. He claimed that he was attacked due to long standing feud with one of the Deputy Sheriffs. The inmate alleged being unnecessarily beaten and kicked in the groin multiple times without cause.

The truth was a polar opposite from the inmate’s allegations. The inmate was observed being given contraband (an unauthorized paper with a message or drugs) from another inmate. Plaintiff refused to give up the contraband on numerous occasions and disregarded multiple instructions to be searched. A physical altercation started with one of the Deputies placed in a chokehold/headlock by the inmate. The companion Deputy and other jail personnel responded. In the altercation, a portion of the plaintiff’s ear was inadvertently torn away, but was later re-attached in a successful grafting operation. The inmate was never kicked in the groin as claimed. He was punched, however, to gain the release of the Deputy from the chokehold. The inmate actively resisted until subdued by other responding Deputies. There was video tape footage for some of the events that took place.

The federal court jury deliberated for 9 hours over 2 days. A unanimous verdict was reached that the conduct of the Deputies was reasonable in light of the facts and circumstances for what occurred.

This is the second successful County of Orange defense verdict Mr. Wianecki has obtained over the past 10 months.