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Wesierski & Zurek gains another verdict in favor of our clients!

Wesierski & Zurek gains another verdict in favor of our clients! Congratulations to David Ferrante-Alan for a verdict awarding the plaintiff much less than the last offer in an admitted liability case. Plaintiff’s pre-trial demand was $8 million. The jury awarded only $300,000.

It’s been a good few months for WZ lawyers! In addition to this winning verdict, Frank D’Oro and Chris Wesierski have received several defense verdicts and we have settled cases for a fraction of the plaintiff’s demands.

Our attorneys go to trial and win for our clients!

Congratulations to Frank D’Oro and the entire WZ litigation team for a defense verdict in favor of our client Northgate Gonzalez Markers in a premises liability case with alleged damages approaching 400,000.

Congratulations to W&Z team partners Chris Wesierski, Mary Kim, and paralegal Debbie Murphy on an outstanding win against a formidable opponent.

The case was a breach of contract and bad faith case; the demand was at one time $20,000,000, and the offer was $800,000. The jury found unanimously (12-0) in favor of Mercury Insurance and delivered the verdict in 45 minutes. The case had been pending for over five years. This was three defense verdicts for Chris Wesierski and Debbie Murphy in a row. Interestingly, Chris Wesierski tried a case involving sexual harassment and wrongful termination 30 years ago to Judge Robert Takasugi who was the father of Judge Jon Takasugi, who was the judge in this case. He was able to obtain a defense verdict in that case as well so he has two defense verdicts for cases involving a father and son as judge.

Congratulations to Chris Wesierski and Larry Conlan from Cappello and Noel on a defense verdict after months in the trial.

The jury in Orange County found that Michael Avenattie was liable for conversion and breach of fiduciary duty to Stoll, Nussbaum & Polakov, APC because he did not pay a portion of attorney fees due to that firm which totaled over 5 million dollars, plus interest.

The Stoll firm was seeking over 40 million dollars, including punitive damages, in a case that lasted 11 years. The witnesses involved in the case, besides Michael Avenatti, were Tom Girardi, Brian Panish, Edith Matthai, and others. The case was hard-fought. The verdict form was 19 pages with 72 questions, and the jury rendered a unanimous verdict on behalf of the defense in two hours.

Wesierski and Zurek Defense Verdict on first post-pandemic in-person jury trial

Wesierski and Zurek is very pleased to announce their first post-pandemic in-person jury trial resulted in a defense verdict.

The case was tried in Federal Court in Riverside on behalf of the County of San Bernardino and a deputy allegedly charged with using excessive force in a shooting situation.

The case started out with eight claims and four defendants with punitive damages being claimed.

After a motion to dismiss and a summary judgment motion the case was narrowed down to one claim for excessive force and against one individual.

The jury unanimously agreed with the defense side and gave a defense verdict.

The plaintiff unfortunately was rendered a paraplegic because of the shooting and the demand at trial was $15 million.

The opposing lawyer is well known and handles these type of cases frequently.

Congratulations to Chris Wesierski, Michelle Prescott both partners with the firm and Debbie Murphy the assigned paralegal who also went to trial on a fantastic job in a tough case

W&Z attorneys and staff from the LA office took a bus down to Orange County to check out our new office in Lake Forest

After two years of lockdowns and social distancing, W&Z attorneys and staff from the LA office took a bus down to Orange County to check out our new office in Lake Forest.

Attorneys and staff from both offices were finally able to get reacquainted and introduce newcomers to the firm. Pizza 900 served fresh made pizzas from a wood burning oven that they brought with them, and served gelato for dessert.

We’re looking to have another get-together in the future at the Pasadena office. Check out our pics below.