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Chris Wesierski was selected again as a Superstar for 2020

Christopher-Wesierski2The firm is thrilled to announce that Chris Wesierski was selected again as a Superstar for 2020 and has been every year since the inception of those awards.

In addition, he has been selected as one of the Orange County top 50 lawyers again as well for 2020.

32 year Anniversary

WZ32 years ago two very young lawyers founded their firm based on a business plan they formulated on a Bob’s Big Boy cocktail napkin.  They began the firm November 1, 1987, with two typewriters and one two drawer file cabinet.

They hoped and dreamed that their firm would go on to conduct trials on behalf of companies and individuals who needed their help and that they would be successful.  Since that date Wesierski and Zurek LLP has represented thousands of people in cases as diverse as legal malpractice, medical and dental malpractice, bad faith, intellectual property, real estate, business contracts, personal injury, product liability,  and they were one of the first firms to try many employment cases starting way back in that time frame.  The firm has been written up in Forbes, Bloomberg, Newsweek, the Daily Journal and many other publications.

Thanks to all who have contributed to our success through the years. I am very proud of all of you and all that this firm has accomplished in these past 32 years.

Chris Wesierski has been selected among America’s Top 100 Bet-the-Company Litigators® for Southern California in 2019.

Based on his years of exceptional advocacy, litigation success, ethical standards, and extraordinary accomplishments in handling High-Stakes Business Litigation matters, Chris Wesierski has been selected among America’s Top 100 Bet-the-Company Litigators® for Southern California in 2019.

Membership among America’s Top 100 Bet-the-Company Litigators® is meant to identify and highlight the accomplishments of the nation’s most esteemed and skilled High-Stakes Business Litigators. To be considered for selection, an attorney must have litigated (for either plaintiff or defendant) a matter with the fate of a business worth at least $2,000,000 at stake.

Candidates for membership are initially identified through third-party research or peer nominations by other elite attorneys in the community. Once a candidate is identified, they are carefully screened first to determine that they meet the minimum requirements as a “Bet-the-Company Litigator” through third-party research and analysis.

Every attorney selected for membership among America’s Top 100 Bet-the-Company Litigators® must pass through this multi-phase screening process and be found among the Top 100 High-Stakes Business Litigators in their community based on our screening criteria.