Chris Wesierski And Christian Counts Obtain Defense Verdict

Chris Wesierski and Christian Counts obtained a defense verdict in OC Superior Court on Wednesday March 30, 2016 after a four hour deliberation.  The case was tried for six days.  The plaintiff claimed she was sexually harassed by her boss who is a used car dealer.  She asserted he forced her to have sex over ten times during a five month period by telling her if she did not have sex she would be fired from her job as his assistant.  Moreover, she was renting a house from the boss and she claimed that he was going to evict her if she did not have the sex.  She also claimed she was slapped and other things were done to her during the sex in that five month time period.  She was asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars for that and she claimed for being wrongfully terminated when defendant’s wife found out about the sex and forced her firing.  Her husband testified that he tried to kill himself because of the sexual harassment when he found out.

Defendant claimed that he and the plaintiff had a consensual affair and denied the slap or any other physical battery occurred.  Defendant claimed the plaintiff just stopped coming to work when her husband found out about the affair and was not fired.

Plaintiff says she will appeal and defendant will seek costs if appropriate.  The case was mediated and the plaintiff turned down significant money at mediation.