Congratulations to W&Z team partners Chris Wesierski, Mary Kim, and paralegal Debbie Murphy on an outstanding win against a formidable opponent.

The case was a breach of contract and bad faith case; the demand was at one time $20,000,000, and the offer was $800,000. The jury found unanimously (12-0) in favor of Mercury Insurance and delivered the verdict in 45 minutes. The case had been pending for over five years. This was three defense verdicts for Chris Wesierski and Debbie Murphy in a row. Interestingly, Chris Wesierski tried a case involving sexual harassment and wrongful termination 30 years ago to Judge Robert Takasugi who was the father of Judge Jon Takasugi, who was the judge in this case. He was able to obtain a defense verdict in that case as well so he has two defense verdicts for cases involving a father and son as judge.