Contracts are a part of everyday life, especially in the operations of a business. The vast array of decisions facing a business on a daily basis will inevitably involve contractual issues, whether they are questions of deciding on the proper location for the office or the hiring of employees. The attorneys at Wesierski & Zurek are experienced at advising our clients on these and the many other areas associated with business and commercial contracts and transactions.

The Firm provides its services and advice in both the formation stage of the business, as well as the operations phase that follows. As a result of that close involvement with our clients throughout the life of the business, the Firm’s attorneys are uniquely qualified to assist our clients in the myriad transactional questions that inevitably arise. These issues often involve commercial transactions under the commercial code regarding the purchase and sale of goods and services; purchase and sale of real estate; licensing and distribution agreements; royalty agreements; stock option agreements; stock purchase agreements; confidentiality agreements; non-disclosure agreements; buy-sell agreements; business purchase and sale agreements; business dissolution and/or disassociation agreements; and employment agreements (including termination agreements). All such matter can have extensive implications for the business and its owners. Wesierski & Zurek can assist in considering and addressing these and the many other contract and commercial transaction issues for the business.