General Civil Litigation

Wesierski & Zurek provides a full range of general civil litigation, arbitration and mediation services to its clients, both regional and national, and in all State and Federal Trial and Appellate Courts throughout California and the western United States. The many areas of litigation expertise possessed by the Firm’s attorneys include business and related commercial disputes of all types, as well as real estate, construction, taxation, and secured transactions. In addition to their experience in the litigation of such contractual matters, the Firm’s attorneys also have experience in the litigation of related business torts cases, intellectual property disputes, and employment controversies, on behalf of both employers and employees. The success of the Firm in this practice area arises from the breadth of its attorneys’ experience in analyzing with clients the myriad complex issues inevitably involved in modern business disputes, counseling clients engaged in a broad variety of business endeavors, and ultimately litigating countless matters of behalf of the Firm’s clients.As a result of the extensive experience of its trial attorneys, the Firm is uniquely positioned to provide prompt evaluation of civil litigation matters, whether large or small, and to give timely advice to its clients regarding litigation strategy, settlement, pre-trial discovery and disposition, and limitation of issues in the event of trial or arbitration. The Firm’s goal is to achieve the best ultimate result for its clients, whether it is achieved through a summary litigation procedure of through multi-party complex civil litigation. The Firm has achieved considerable success and recognition in complex, multi-party cases involving this full range of civil litigation matters.

Chris Wesierski and Laura Barns were successful recently on an appeal involving two insurance companies.  Progressive was suing AIG for fees and costs paid in an underlying complicated environmental case.  The Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court’s judgment that AIG owed half the fees as claimed and with interest the judgment was over $750,000 paid in full.

Wesierski & Zurek does government tort liability.  Usually when we defend cities it is in context of public property, but we frequently defend the city police department.