Products Liability

In this area, the Firm is quite fortunate to have a number of attorneys who have tried cases for many large corporations who entrust their work to our Firm. Tom Ely has handled numerous cases involving car and motorcycle manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Honda, Isuzu and claims involving glass products from Corning. He has also represented McKesson for claims of all sorts on their products.

Chris Wesierski has tried numerous cases to verdict in both state and federal court for Pepsi on claims of defective bottles, for Becker Orthopedics on claims of defective braces for the handicapped, on ladder cases and on claims of product failure for Ecolab and others.

Terence Carney and Dan Ford also have had numerous cases they have handled through the years for various companies.

The Firm has a proven track record in getting quick closure to cases by use of motions for summary judgment or motions to dismiss on numerous product defenses. For example, John Paul Mitchell had been sued on a defective warning case involving ingestion and a death. The case was extricated quickly by use of a motion for summary judgment, which proved no causation. There are numerous examples for multiple companies, and client referral is one reason the Firm has grown so rapidly in this area.

We are particularly well suited to handle these cases at a cost-efficient rate and with successful results. We have handled cases that required up to five attorneys and we have handled cases for companies that were the largest claim ever made against the company involving death cases and quadriplegic cases.