Paul J. Lipman
Practice Areas
  • Insurance Defense
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Transportation Litigation (buses, taxis, trucks and ambulances)
  • Premises Liability – High end hotels, retail and commercial properties
  • Class Actions
  • Appeals
  • Food Borne Illness Claims
  • Suspicious or Fraudulent Claims
  • Products Liability
  • Tender of Defense, Indemnity Issues
  • Private and Unlicensed Contractor Cases
  • University of California in Los Angeles
  • Loyola Law School

Paul Lipman is a partner who attended UCLA and then Loyola Law School. He specializes in insurance defense and commercial litigation including transportation litigation (buses, taxis, trucks and ambulances), premises liability (high end hotels, commercial and retail properties), class actions, products liability, food borne illness claims, and tender of defense and indemnity issues.

Mr. Lipman is certified to practice before in the 9th Circuit, the U.S. District Court for the Central District and the California Supreme Court.

Mr. Lipman has handled many cases involving MICRA, government liability and immunity, and other sub-fields of civil litigation. He has a specialty in hotel defense and has successfully litigated many hotel security, slip and fall, food poisoning and other cases to conclusion.  Mr. Lipman is also active in the defense of class action with focus on reshaping the requirements of low-cost item class action, where courts have so far been liberal in allowing such classes to be certified despite the practical impossibility of ever identifying a significant percentage of actual individuals who purchased low-cost items.

Mr. Lipman has published numerous articles relating to civil procedure, particularly summary judgment, and is the continuing editor of the chapter on summary judgments in CEB’s three volume treatise, Civil Procedure Before Trial. Mr. Lipman is the editor of the Firm’s newsletter. He also handles the writs and appeals and coverage issues for the Los Angeles office. Mr. Lipman coordinates MCLE presentations for the Los Angeles Office.  Mr. Lipman gives seminars on the topics listed above, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss doing one for you on topics of interest to you.