Ron Zurek Comes Out Ahead In Car Accident Brain Injury Case

In a recent trial, Ron Zurek defended a driver whose car struck a teenage boy.

Defendant was driving at a speed of about 33 mph as the boy was crossing the street in a crosswalk. The boy was a gifted child with a high IQ. Impact from the accident caused a forceful head strike and loss of consciousness. This led to a claim that the plaintiff had a permanent traumatic brain injury that would slow him down in his education and achievement forever more.

Plaintiff was represented by a nationally prominent attorney. A total of 14 witnesses were called to the stand by the attorney for the plaintiff. These witnesses were said to include 3 of the best experts in the world. They testified that his injury would ultimately cause him to lose millions of dollars in earnings.

In defense, it was claimed that the young man was at least partly if not fully responsible, despite his age and position. Furthermore, his performance in school and in life belied the contention that his brain was any different now than before the accident. Ron called but one defense witness to cross examine.

At the end of a long trial,  the jury held the young plaintiff to be 40% liable for his own injuries and further, compensated him only for a broken arm and a short-lived concussion from which he recovered. His net verdict was a fraction of what was offered to him before trial and a small fraction of what was sought at trial.