Ron Zurek Defuses Big Emotional Damage Claims With Good Verdict In Admitted Fault Case

Ron recently defended an injury case where his client, a new and young driver, accidentally made a mistaken left turn into the path of an oncoming car, forcing that car to collide with a light pole resulting in a significant collision.  Husband driver and wife passenger, with children in the back, were both injured.  The wife passenger sustained serious facial injuries including fractured bones and a large laceration just above her lip, along with a fractured rib/punctured lung.  Husband and child both thought she was dead at the accident scene.  She had a hospitalization with complications, a subsequent nose revision/plastic surgery operation and considerable medical treatment for her neck and back.  She has an identical twin who swore that accident injuries changed her life forever.  Driver of the car, her husband, also sustained injuries and together they claimed that they lost out on buying a house, lost considerable income because they could not work and at the trial they asked the jury to award them about $10 million.

It seemed that the claimed injuries were not as severe and longstanding as were being claimed.  Partly just by using photographs and by emphasizing inconsistencies in statements and a timeline of events, Ron argued that pretty much all of the future damage claims were against the evidence and therefore not believable.

Heading into the trial Ron’s client had offered to settle the case for a significant amount of money, though far below the multi-million dollar level.  The jury ultimately returned a verdict awarding the plaintiffs only a slight amount money more than that which had been offered, far far less than had been demanded.