Ron Zurek Gains Defense Verdict in Bus Accident Case

Ron’s most recent trial was in a case where 28 people all claimed to have been injured when the tour bus they were riding in was involved in an accident on the freeway.  Ron’s defendant client admitted responsibility for causing the accident, which occurred when she lost control of her car during a panic stop, causing it to veer into the adjacent lane where it struck the bus and forced it to stop suddenly, thereby throwing the bus occupants violently forward so as to allegedly injure them.  All 28 people sought medical care to varying degrees, from the same practitioners. 11 of them ultimately underwent surgical procedures to their necks, backs and knees for the alleged accident injuries.  In total, medical costs for all of them exceeded $1,000,000.  The claims overall totaledmillions of dollars.

Few of the plaintiffs had claimed injury right after the accident.  It was suspected that many if not all of the injury claims were grossly exaggerated and much of the medical care unnecessary, undertaken by unscrupulous doctors.   Minutes before start of the trial 19 of the plaintiffs dropped their cases for nothing, a move made by the plaintiffs to lessen the adverse circumstantial inferences that would otherwise perhaps be drawn from such a large number of claimants.   Trial proceeded forward with 9 plaintiffs, all of them having had surgeries.  A prestigious plaintiff law firm simultaneously substituted into the case for the plaintiffs in order to do the trial.

Ron took a vigorous approach to cross examination of the plaintiffs’ medical witnesses, and to the plaintiffs themselves.  During the lengthy trial Ron chose not to call almost any of the many defense expert witnesses, ultimately calling only two witnesses altogether.   Despite admitted liability for the accident, the jury rendered a verdict indicating that none of the nine plaintiffs had sustained any injury or damages at all, thus a verdict for the defendant resulted.   As the plaintiffs had turned down settlement offers made to them previously, the defendant is allowed to recover litigation costs back from them, totaling well over $100,000.ronald_zurek2