Terence Carney Obtains Verdict For Ralphs Grocery Store


Terence P. Carney recently obtained a jury verdict for the exact same amount of money that was originally offered to the plaintiff at the start of trial. The case occurred at a Ralphs supermarket in Los Angeles where the plaintiff, a 41 year old makeup artist, slipped and fell in spilled soda near the self-checkout. Plaintiff alleged injuries to her lower back, right hip and knee and headaches with residuals of dizziness, depression and loss of concentration. The injury to the plaintiff’s lower back was supposedly so severe that it would require a two level fusion. She was seeking a total of $825,000: $35,000 in past medical expenses, $150,000 in future medical expenses, $70,000 for past wage loss, $70,000 for future wage loss and $500,000 for pain and suffering. After a 5 day trial, the jury returned a verdict for $100,000, the exact same amount that had been offered prior to the start of the trial. Congratulations to Mr. Carney!