Client Exonerated and For Blamed for Failed Steering

Ron Zurek (Senior Partner/Los Angeles) recently completed a five week trial where a very badly injured motorcyclist sued his clients, and sued Ford Motor Company as well, as a result of a freeway accident that happened when the defendant’s Ford pickup truck suddenly lost steering and thereby veered across five lanes of traffic. An integral part of the steering mechanism of the truck was found later to have broken. Ford vigorously disputed the claim that it’s part was defective, claiming instead that Ron’s [convicted felon] client was lying about the accident because steering didn’t break; that the part did break but only later and only after a collision; that the part broke only because the vehicle owner had misued the truck by getting it into another prior accident that weakened the part; and that the truck driver should have stopped the truck safely, anyway. A settlement offer of half a million dollars had been made before trial by Ron’s clients; Ford offered virtually nothing. The jury ultimately found completely in favor of Ron’s clients, exonerating them of all liability and blaming Ford fully and completely for $2.61 million in damages that were awarded. Ford’s lawyers report this to be the first time they have ever lost a case of this type.