Wesierski and Zurek is celebrating another Defense Verdict!

Chris Wesierski recently won a case for State Farm and its agent where the demand was six million dollars. A person sued State Farm claiming that he asked for a comprehensive business policy and that he was not provided coverage for his automobile that he used at work. He then was in an accident and received an approximate six million dollar judgment against him due to the injuries he caused the other driver who had crushed legs. The injured driver then substituted into the case on his behalf and asked for the $6 million dollar judgment to be paid by State Farm since they had not provided the proper insurance requested.

The case went to jury trial in downtown LA and the jury ruled in favor of the defense ( State Farm and the agent) in fifty-five minutes giving a defense verdict.

We are very proud of Chris Wesierski who has spent almost thirty days in trial in 2015 with great success in all endeavors.