Wesierski & Zurek LLP Assists In Defense Verdict Of 5 Year Case

In early 2011, Wesierski & Zurek LLP was assigned to help defend a bus driver who was accused of sexually assaulting a disabled 3 year old on the school bus. The plaintiff’s counsel was a very prominent attorney who spared no expense in trying the case. During the course of the five years this case was in litigation (with co-defendants First Student and LAUSD), every conceivable motion was filed to battle the fact that our client had several past incidents that would put him in a negative light to a juror. The judge brought all of the defendant’s past history forward to the jury including the testimony of a handicapped student who had accused the bus driver of touching her in 2002. The driver that we represented was able to get dismissed prior to trial. Once the trial started, David Ferrante from Wesierski & Zurek LLP was brought in as associated counsel for First Student to handle the witness depositions taken during the trial. In five years, there were over 60 law and motion hearings, almost 80 ex partes, the trial was continued 14 times, and there were more than 100 depositions. After a 30 day trial, the jury returned a verdict of 9-3 for the defense, finding our client, the driver, did not harm the child.